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Wedding Package with exotic cars in HONG KONG

The ultimate expression of love is how you start your married life. What better way than in an Exotic. A Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Mercedes or any number of other European Exotics that either scream class or quietly exude absolute opulence.

They’ll remember the happy bridal couple, the dress, and then ….the cars. Make your wedding the one they’ll all remember.

You know you want it, you know you deserve it.

Book early, and get the Exotics you want for your Big day.

Exoticsportscarhire, has proven reliability with a modern fleet of vehicles at a better than fair price.

Ring us now and make your special day one to be remembered, for a lifetime.

Standard Packages with Driver, Self Drive or Escorted Self Drive EURO Exotics from as little as HK$7112.00.

Specifications WEDDING CAR FLEET

WEDDING CAR HIRES ARE FOR 4 HOUR DURATION SHOWROOM TO SHOWROOM (unless otherwise stated). Bouquets, Ribbons, Tulle are by Hirer.

Review Exotic Sportscar Hire standard terms and conditions; bank processing fees apply.

Our range of WEDDING Exotics may include a combination of Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, SaabTurbo, Volvo, and other Exotics.
All vehicles/colours are indicative, presiding factor is functionality of the vehicles.